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Automotive Chemicals

Car and Truck Cleanin

Car Shampoo

  • Removes oily soil deposits, road dirt and airborne films, leaving a clean surface when rinsed.

Car Wash & Wax

  •  It’s a excellent all-in-one products to clean your car.
  • It washes and polishes at the same time.

Auto Shampoo

  •  For a thorough car wash.
  • Gentle on paint and makes it gleam.


  •  A water based product with emulsifier and strong grease cutting abilities.
  •  Ideal for degreasing of engines and cleaning of engine parts.
  • It rinses easily with water.

Mag Wheel Cleaner

  • Is a liquid acidic compound, designed for cleaning and etching of aluminium and all its alloys.
  •  This product may be used by immersion or wipe-on wipe-off method or foaming process.

Dash Shine

  •   It’s designed to enhance the natural shine of the dashboard


  •  Ideal for cleaning the motorcycle before polishing or waxing
  •  Dirt is removed gently but thoroughly
  •  Cleans the entire body and paintwork
  • Gentle, thorough washing of the motorcycle
  •  Cleans and protects in a single operation
  •  Suitable for all paintwork types




Other Chemco SA Product

  1. Brushware
  2. Cleaning Equipment
  3. PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)
  4. Dispenser & Dosing Equipment