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Degreasers | Heavy Duty, Powder Alkaline & Solvent Base

Heavy duty waterbase alkaline degreaser

FLEETLINE JC 5  :  alkaline detergent ex & interior of  vehicles
Fleetline 205  : H .D. Alkaline degreaser
Nettone WB  : safe on paint  for workshops & machinery
Nettone WB RTU  : diluted version of nettone WB
Oakite 202  : general purpose detergent for all surfaces
DZL  :very alkaline H.D. Detergent
RCC S 406 S  : solvent waterbase degreaser
Supakleen 50  : liquid detergent for various applications

Powder alkaline degreaser

Floran XA  :H.D. Powder degreaser
Rccs-146-i  : h.D. Powder degreaser for workshops
Spraykleen  : alkaline powder degreaser

Solvent base degreaser

NS G super I  : solvent degreaser
Servisol  : emulsifying H.D. Solvent degreaser



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